How to Get Your Violin

My new instruments:

I build instruments according to my own model inspired by G. B. Guadagnini from his Milano period. For violoncelli, I use also A. Stradivari and M. Goffriller models, both from about 1700.

My new instruments are not copies, because I do not want you to play exactly like Heifetz, Primrose or Casals, but this doesn’t mean that I am not strongly influenced by old instruments. In the past I made several copies, finding that it was very demanding work that took several extra weeks.  In the end I didn’t find it satsfying.

Trying an instrument:

I can demonstrate my instruments for you and provide an instrument for sufficient testing.  All my instruments are sufficiently tested and guaranteed.  If you reside a far distance from Prague, I will begin building a special and unique violin just for you after I have received a 100 % deposit for the instrument. After it is finished I will send it to you so you can test it yourself.  If you decide to keep it, I will send you an invoice and a certificate for the purchase. If you are not satisfied, for any reason, and want to return the instrument within a month in a good state, I will refund the entire deposit and you will recieve the entire sum. Postage, transfer and insurance payments, however, are always paid by the sender.


I can provide a lifetime guarantee (at least for as long as I live) for the instrument. According to historical evidence, it should last at least 300 years and sound better the older it gets.


Dealers are welcome! They are people who can share a part of my troubles so I can devote more time to my work. For their effort I can offer special distributor prices. Detailed conditions will be sent upon request.

Pricelists of my master instruments can be sent to anyone upon request.