f1000004Contests are the most important place to meet the best young violin-makers from around the world. The real quality of a violin can be appreciated at contests only partially. The reason for this is that pieces of art, or instruments, and their uniquness is assessed only in the short time of the contest.

My results in contests are as follows:

International Violin-makers Contest in Hradec Králové – Oskar Nedbal Award in 1989

1st place with the Oskar Nedbal Award 1989 and a Gold Medal for the viola

1st place and Gold Medal for the violinuntitled-2

Diploma for the participation in the finals in the category of violin
Award for Excellent Tone
Quality of the viola, granted by Roger G. Hargrave

Award for Violin-Making Quality of the viola, granted by Apostol I. Kaloferov

medaileSilver Plaque of the Italian Violinmakers Association for the best varnish, granted by Gio Batta Morassi

Tone Contest in Tokyo in 1989

3rd Placediplom

International Violinmakers Festival of Věnceslav Metelka in Náchod in 1997

7th Place for Violin
2nd Place for Tone of Violin
Award of the Master Pilař Atelier for the best Czech Violin-maker

Ente-Triennale Int. Cremona 1997f1000002

9th Place and Diploma for Viola